The Club will be comprised of movable walls which will create areas within the space officially known as Suites. Each Suite will act as independent gallery spaces within the wider context of the club, these will be programmed by different artists, curators, and collectives who will in turn have there Suites named after them.

Suites can booked for meetings, planned events or socializing and can run from mid afternoon right through to the early hours. The layout of the suites has also being specifically designed so that during the day it can be booked by artists visiting the festival as a temporary studio space or for a base for curators to meet artists in the area.

Bookings can be made through Please title your email Booking.

Noel Clueit

Noel Clueit is an artist based in Manchester, UK. Recent activities include Painting Show, Supercollider Projects, Blackpool (2011); Deadpan, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2010); Legacy 1, Forman’s Sculpture Yard, London (2010); From this filthy sewer pure gold flows, Rogue Project Space, Manchester (2010); A Curriculum group show, A Foundation, Liverpool (2010). In 2010 Clueit participated in A Foundation’s A Curriculum residency programme.

Recent works explore the value of objects, relationships between the readymade and the handmade, history and education, exploring representation, authorship and reproduction.
Through sampling ready-mades I aim to explore our unaware attachment to symbols, icons and compositions exploring the shifts of value & taste within contemporary culture. DIY store objects that interrogate minimalism, a photocopied image that resembles a confused facial expression or appropriated record sleeves – commercial objects that riff between post-painterly abstraction and the purely decorative – dumbed modernish objects.


Off Duty

Michael Day
George Eksts
Lesley Guy
Dale Holmes
As artists we are constantly working or thinking about our work. Even at rest we are working, thinking, researching or collecting. For the Burlington Club suite we have developed a show that explores the idea of art that is at rest or no longer functioning, or to be more precise, art that is off duty. By this we don’t mean failure, for in order to fail an element of striving is implied, we are aiming for a new form of success, one that is latent. This can be expressed in a desire to drop out or refuse to conform to accepted notions of success, or in the way the work functions, through misappropriation or re-contextualisation. It might be in the way the work was made, casually, accidentally or in the artist’s own time. Off Duty considers the ways that art and artists can disrupt the imperative to keep making, keep working, and the idea of art that may – or may not be – at work.

Hall, Stairs and Landing


Andrew Lim

Andrew Lim creates context responsive sculptural installations that rearticulate the use of everyday objects, using a set of rules devised for each installation out of which the artwork grows to its logical conclusion.

For the Burlington Fine Arts Club Lim will create a site-within-a-site-specific installation. Lim’s installation will explore and assert itself on its environment; at the same time the environment will impose itself on the individual objects.

Within in the setting of the Club the constraints within the installation will echo with the strict rules that governed the original club and that dictated the behaviour of its inhabitants.



Bryony Moore

Bryony Moore will ‘transform’ her bicycle into a car using a few bits of 2”x1”, fabric and some paint. Moore will then drive her newly built car to the Burlington Fine Arts Club, which fittingly, was founded in the same year that the first car was invented.

Desperately seeking the acceptance of the exclusive car club, her vehicle may ultimately face rejection, perhaps even before it gets a chance to hit the road, via Burlington 2011’s application procedure.

Documentation of Moore’s undertaking will be exhibited alongside the vehicle in the Gallery Suite.



Suzanne Smith

For over a year Suzanne Smith scoured charity shops and car boot sales for homeless kitchen canisters, each emblazoned with the name of a specific foodstuff.  A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place will be an accumulation of a domestic typology.  Homely in isolation, insidious in numbers, dozens of canisters from beetroot to beef dripping will be presented in an alphabetised collection, each on its own specially made shelf.




Supercollider is an artist run initiative based in Blackpool committed to the dissemination of contemporary arts practice in the town by presenting a diverse and dynamic programme of temporary contemporary art exhibitions and projects.

Operating since 2008 Supercollider is well positioned to provide the community with a forum for intellectual engagement, debate, participation and appreciation.

Supercollider is a non-profit, artist led organisation, run by unpaid volunteers motivated by an intense passion for the arts and the cultural development and regeneration of Blackpool. Through the programme of exhibitions, projects and events Supercollider aims to make an effective and meaningful contribution to the re-development and regeneration of culture of Blackpool.

Sparrow + Castice

‘Sparrow+Castice Vs….’ is an artistic extrapolation on the theme of a drinking game. We, Peter Sparrow and Astrid Castice will make works in direct competition with other artists by whom we are challenged on a subject decided (in true Burlington spirit) over a stiff drink. Anyone is welcome to challenge us.


TROVE is a contemporary art gallery whose programme rotates month by month, for July 2010 TROVE are travelling to Manchester to be part of The Burlington Fine Art’s Club.

Since TROVE’s launch in October 2009 it has shown artists from all around the world from all different stages in their careers.  TROVE’s Director, Charlie Levine, says that ‘the programme tries to reflect what is happening now; we never programme further than 6 months in advance to make sure we continue to exhibit current trends and focus on current topics in the contemporary art world as well as work with new up and coming artists. We are also changing direction for 2011, last year focused very much on shows curated by TROVE, however this year we are inviting various other galleries, organizations and curators in to use our amazing heritage site and old museum and factory space.’

TROVE is brining to Manchester a plan chest.  Three Birmingham based artists and three Manchester based artists, plus one trickster artist who hales from both locations, have been invited to create a compact and moveable gallery space, each with their own drawer.  Guests to the Club are invited to open the drawers and look inside, take the drawers fully out and sit in the TROVE space within the Burlington Fine Art’s Club.
Artists include:  Tracey Eastham Jo Gane, Caitlin Griffiths, Craig Marchington, Dan Mort, Paul Newman and Edward Wakefield.



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