We have been lucky enough to work with Dr Justin Mckeown who is not only one of the best contemporary artist of our time but a fab app designer, he has developed a special Burlington App which is free to download that will help you keep up to date with Burlington events it also includes a top range bluetooth function so you can talk to other members in the area. Whats not to love.
He is also so good he has developed an app which helps artists work out there real worth. It is available in the app store and for a minimal cost you can work out the real value of your artworks and projects, ensuring you are never undercut again. Finally someone is standing up for our rights! See all the important info below…
Art Worker App in Apple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/art-worker/id439994115?ls=1&mt=8
Art Worker
Many artists and creative professionals are uncomfortable discussing money. They are unsure what value to place on their skills and how much they should charge for the artworks they produce and other related services they offer, such as art workshops and artists talks.This app is designed to help freelance artists answer these difficult questions. Based on primary and secondary research into how freelance artists price their services, we’re confident we’ve done the hard work putting the maths in place to make sure you are not underselling your art skills. This App has been tested and affirmed by professional freelance artists, like them all you have to do is enter the figures and consider the results.Departing from a consideration of the costs of both your professional and personal life as well as projections for the future growth of your wealth, this app has four specific calculators designed to help you price:

* The base costs required to run your professional and personal life
* Artworks
* Workshops
* Talks

This app will not only help you earn money, it’ll help you run your art career as a business insuring you’re never underselling your skills and talents.