Residency Preview – Thursday 21st 6-8 byob

The Invisible Committee Prestwich and Whitefield Branch // Flis Holland // Tom Hobson

3 Piccadilly Place (oppersite the entrance to Store Street)

Working hard in the space this week we have 2 artists and one collective who are all dealing with the ideas of surveillance, the confinements of architecture, the political or the down right criminal. Join us from 6-8 to look, drink and chat. Bring some beer’s and that.

The Invisible Committee Prestwich and Whitefield Branch

The Invisible Committee Prestwich and Whitefield Branch present you with viable alternatives, we have had enough of you and you have had enough of us and we have all had enough of this, so lets do something else. Our friends on the continent built utopias and you conspired through your idle compliance to tear them down. Stop asking the wrong questions and we will stop making the wrong work. Until then we declare the atelier populaire reopened.


Flis Mitchell

Flis Holland typically works site-specifically, installing 35mm slide viewers that appear to document a recent intervention within the exhibition space. Minor irregularities gradually reveal a meticulously constructed, lit and photographed scale model. Situated within the ‘real’ space, the viewer’s presence is implicated in, and yet excluded from, the work. Underlying the recent works is a notion of an uninvited look, whether embodied by the viewer in the voyeuristic act of peeping into the mute, unsettling spaces, or caught and turned back upon the viewer in the stare of a CCTV camera. For the residency at The Burlington Fine Arts Club, Flis Holland is to adapt this idea of an uncomfortable, intrusive look to the particular scenario where the viewer of the work is another artist, in response to the situation of the residents and exhibitors within the Burlington space.


Tom Hobson

WWW.TTTTAAAAGGGG.COM is a place where I will make art between the hours of 11pm and 7am from Friday the 15th to Friday 22nd JULY.( these are the hours of my court appointed curfew monitored by the TAG.)

During the residency I will imagine the universe as a series of artworks made specifically for the web. Starting with the closest objects (solar system) – and working outward into the infinite reaches of space.

At the end of the residency I will archive my creations on the site. The site will continue to focus as an outlet for work that I produce whilst on TAG*.

Owing to the restrictive physical nature of the TAG* system, I am unable to appear in Manchester in person.

* Electronic tagging is a form of non-surreptitious surveillance consisting of an electronic device attached to a person or vehicle, especially certain criminals, allowing their whereabouts to be monitored. Increasingly Electronic tagging has become a tool for courts, penal institutions or hospital facilities, to manage individuals both within their facilities and external to their premises.