For a night of college,cocktails and zine swapping head down to The Burlington on Thursday 14th July 6-9pm
For full information on our resident artists please visit

Find Burlington at 3 Piccadilly Place , directly oppersite the entrance to store street and Piccadilly Train Station. Do remember that Burlington also runs a BYOB policy at preveiws. Its your club, do come in.

Tracey Eastham

During her time at the Burlington residency Tracey Eastham will be
interacting with the MIF indirectly; through the images, detritus and
advertising that marks its visual stamp on the city.

Echoing the programme of visits that Anna Francis will be undertaking,
Tracey will experience some of the MIF’s offerings. In an attempt to engage
with the identity of the festival, she will collect and collage discarded
bits of paper that hold MIF associated imagery and will co-curate an
exploratory journal with Anna.

Do you have any bits of MIF paper, such as used tickets, posters, and
adverts collected from newspapers? Bring it along to Burlington and I will
include it in my work.

Anna Francis

   Through the residency at the Burlington Fine Arts Club, Anna Francis will
immerse herself in the cultural offerings of the Manchester International
Festival and its periphery events.
A set of criteria for evaluating the events and activities will be
developed, which will be drawn from the ethos of the Burlington Fine Arts
Club, the MIF mission statement and the artist’s own preferences.
These criteria will be linked to a set off beverage ingredients, in order to
create cocktails which will commemorate and create conversation around the
value of the festival, and its relevance to artist led activity in a city
like Manchester. For the opening Francis will become Burlington’s own

The Burlington Paper Cocktail

Burlington Paper Cocktail – Zine Swap

Francis will draw on the local knowledge offered by fellow collaborator
Tracey Eastham, and will seek crossover points between the two practices, as
well as points of departure. The artists will create a zine for the opening
on 14th July, which will act as a depository for their thoughts and
observations in response to the Burlington Residency, and will also create a
point of exchange with other artists and groups. A zine swap will take place
– forming a temporary zine library of Burlington members. Have you made a
zine that you would like to swap? Bring it along to the opening, and receive
your limited edition of The Burlington Paper Cocktail.