This Thursday at The Burlington Fine Arts Club we have previews galore, its starts at 6 and trundles on til 8. As always its bring your own alcohol, so make sure you do, there are shops near by for the forgetful.
You should know where we are now…3 Picadilly Place
This weeks previews see work from Andrew Bracey, Francis Didsley, Dave Evans, Kevin Hunt and Emily Speed. Combined this with the sites and sounds from Dj Shlucht and your onto a winner, see attached and below below for details.
DJ ShlucHT//DIY Church
DIYChurch is a weekly Internet live radio show on
Broadcasted from Berlin.

The show is a “stream sculpture” in terms of its happening character
based on Ideas coming from social sculpture, Fluxus as well as Pop culture & Dadaism.
But also because of the Live-chat related to the show.

DIY Church aims to represent/ expose the audible B- side of our culture and subculture.
Created by setting up happenings/ events or inviting special guests such as:

musicians, performers, visual artists, collectors, scientists, real men & no life.

He/She presents his/her references and work issues
in relation with a chosen theme.

The 2 hours show sounds like a sound collage, mixing
and layering regular songs, dialogues, lectures, live
sets, field recordings, quotes and samples.
We pick up sounds from a variety of cultures and
mediums from open source archive to secret service

This Thursday there will be a live show  from Burlington Fine Arts Club.

Audible world wide simultaneously for the people who couldn’t make it to the festival, with informations and sounds they wouldn’t hear at the festival. And after the show it will be archived and documented atInternet Archive as free download. I will publish it under a CC-License , so people can make remixes and new cultural bastards, created from that source.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Andrew Bracey, Frances Disley, Dave Evans, Kevin Hunt, Emily Speed


All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy


Without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring.


How could anyone be bored at The Burlington Fine Arts Club?


For one week five artists will come together to work, play, read, talk, eat, write, make, crit, plan, faff, drink, dream, listen and try not to be bored. They will be following the tradition of the original Burlington Fine Arts Club and eminent members Luytens, Rossetti, Ruskin and Whistler. None of the contemporary artists know what will happen in the week long residency.


In the spirit of collaboration and making connections that the Burlington encourages Manchester based artist Andrew Bracey has invited four artists – Frances Disley, Dave Evans, Kevin Hunt and Emily Speed – from The Royal Standard studios in Liverpool to spend the week with him at the club. There are no rules and no outcomes anticipated. A clean slate has been wiped. They must all remember that no work and all play can also make Jack a dull boy.

Andrew Bracey makes paintings, but not always with paint and rarely on canvas. Solo exhibitions include Manchester Art Gallery, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Transition Gallery, London and firstsite, Colchester. He curated UnSpooling: artists & cinema at Cornerhouse,Manchester with Dave Griffiths in 2010. He is based in Suite Studio Group inSalford and is Senior Lecturer in fine art at The University of Lincoln.


Frances Disley works with printmaking, drawing and sculpture. She creates work that challenges the media’s current negative representation of teenagers. Transforming society’s wastelands into magical landscapesFrances seeks to emphasise the exciting yet terrifying transition from childhood to adulthood.


Dave Evans works with printmaking, sculpture and multimedia to explore how and why we speculate about the future. He ties, balances and hangs fragile materials that emphasise the constructed nature of past and future history. His influences include 70’s sci-fi movies, the work of Issac Asimov, and the writing of Frederic Jameson.


Kevin Hunt is an artist, curator and writer. He constructs sculpture utilising the redundant. Recent exhibitions include a solo presentation of new work at Art Brussels, Belgium with Stephane Simoens Gallery, No Noise at The Agency, Deptford, London, NO SOUL FOR SALE at Tate Modern, London and Rendez-Vous 09, at the Institut d’art Contemporain, during the 10th Biennale de Lyon 2009.


Emily Speed works in sculpture, installation, drawing, and photography exploring the temporary and the transient through reference to architecture and the body. She currently has a solo exhibition ‘MAKE SHIFT’ atYorkshireSculpturePark until September 18th.


Residency Preview – Thursday 21st 6-8 byob

The Invisible Committee Prestwich and Whitefield Branch // Flis Holland // Tom Hobson

3 Piccadilly Place (oppersite the entrance to Store Street)

Working hard in the space this week we have 2 artists and one collective who are all dealing with the ideas of surveillance, the confinements of architecture, the political or the down right criminal. Join us from 6-8 to look, drink and chat. Bring some beer’s and that.

The Invisible Committee Prestwich and Whitefield Branch

The Invisible Committee Prestwich and Whitefield Branch present you with viable alternatives, we have had enough of you and you have had enough of us and we have all had enough of this, so lets do something else. Our friends on the continent built utopias and you conspired through your idle compliance to tear them down. Stop asking the wrong questions and we will stop making the wrong work. Until then we declare the atelier populaire reopened.


Flis Mitchell

Flis Holland typically works site-specifically, installing 35mm slide viewers that appear to document a recent intervention within the exhibition space. Minor irregularities gradually reveal a meticulously constructed, lit and photographed scale model. Situated within the ‘real’ space, the viewer’s presence is implicated in, and yet excluded from, the work. Underlying the recent works is a notion of an uninvited look, whether embodied by the viewer in the voyeuristic act of peeping into the mute, unsettling spaces, or caught and turned back upon the viewer in the stare of a CCTV camera. For the residency at The Burlington Fine Arts Club, Flis Holland is to adapt this idea of an uncomfortable, intrusive look to the particular scenario where the viewer of the work is another artist, in response to the situation of the residents and exhibitors within the Burlington space.


Tom Hobson

WWW.TTTTAAAAGGGG.COM is a place where I will make art between the hours of 11pm and 7am from Friday the 15th to Friday 22nd JULY.( these are the hours of my court appointed curfew monitored by the TAG.)

During the residency I will imagine the universe as a series of artworks made specifically for the web. Starting with the closest objects (solar system) – and working outward into the infinite reaches of space.

At the end of the residency I will archive my creations on the site. The site will continue to focus as an outlet for work that I produce whilst on TAG*.

Owing to the restrictive physical nature of the TAG* system, I am unable to appear in Manchester in person.

* Electronic tagging is a form of non-surreptitious surveillance consisting of an electronic device attached to a person or vehicle, especially certain criminals, allowing their whereabouts to be monitored. Increasingly Electronic tagging has become a tool for courts, penal institutions or hospital facilities, to manage individuals both within their facilities and external to their premises.


Burlington App

For a night of college,cocktails and zine swapping head down to The Burlington on Thursday 14th July 6-9pm
For full information on our resident artists please visit

Find Burlington at 3 Piccadilly Place , directly oppersite the entrance to store street and Piccadilly Train Station. Do remember that Burlington also runs a BYOB policy at preveiws. Its your club, do come in.

Tracey Eastham

During her time at the Burlington residency Tracey Eastham will be
interacting with the MIF indirectly; through the images, detritus and
advertising that marks its visual stamp on the city.

Echoing the programme of visits that Anna Francis will be undertaking,
Tracey will experience some of the MIF’s offerings. In an attempt to engage
with the identity of the festival, she will collect and collage discarded
bits of paper that hold MIF associated imagery and will co-curate an
exploratory journal with Anna.

Do you have any bits of MIF paper, such as used tickets, posters, and
adverts collected from newspapers? Bring it along to Burlington and I will
include it in my work.

Anna Francis

   Through the residency at the Burlington Fine Arts Club, Anna Francis will
immerse herself in the cultural offerings of the Manchester International
Festival and its periphery events.
A set of criteria for evaluating the events and activities will be
developed, which will be drawn from the ethos of the Burlington Fine Arts
Club, the MIF mission statement and the artist’s own preferences.
These criteria will be linked to a set off beverage ingredients, in order to
create cocktails which will commemorate and create conversation around the
value of the festival, and its relevance to artist led activity in a city
like Manchester. For the opening Francis will become Burlington’s own

The Burlington Paper Cocktail

Burlington Paper Cocktail – Zine Swap

Francis will draw on the local knowledge offered by fellow collaborator
Tracey Eastham, and will seek crossover points between the two practices, as
well as points of departure. The artists will create a zine for the opening
on 14th July, which will act as a depository for their thoughts and
observations in response to the Burlington Residency, and will also create a
point of exchange with other artists and groups. A zine swap will take place
– forming a temporary zine library of Burlington members. Have you made a
zine that you would like to swap? Bring it along to the opening, and receive
your limited edition of The Burlington Paper Cocktail.


Mihaela Brebenel, Christopher Collier, Attilia Fattori Franchini, Lauren Lapidge, Nicola Rae, Alyssa Ueno

Tues 5th, Weds 6th 3-8pm

This work will consist of a constructed narrative environment founded in the idea of an ‘analogue blog’: a three dimensional magazine, a network of knowledge and material exchange made visible in space.  It is a space in which we inhabit alongside the detritus of our intellectual interchanges.  Within this situation we will undertake a durational performance in which a series of chosen books will be anonymised with newly produced covers, the process of our selections and exchanges, the selected texts, images and annotations, will be recorded and compiled into new books.  This process explores exchange, value, individual selections and the possibilities of collective working.

“In Romania under Ceausescu, and in other regimes where communications are restricted, knowledge has been circulated in the form of banned books. In the Romanian case a book was passed to you at work and if you wanted to read it, you had to take it and read it in secret, you had to take it home and stay up all night to read it and bring it back with you the next day for someone else and this is how free knowledge was passed. There is, we think something powerful about this image, not just the political dimension, which clearly we see today as people share links on social media, but also there is something magical about it, almost ritual, like a spell: perhaps it is the non-digital circulation, the embodied physicality of it, not the disembodied exchange of the ‘information society’, but information exchanged as a gift. One has to take this knowledge and read it whilst the sun passes beneath the earth and whilst the moon passes over your house and at sunrise the spell will be broken and you must return to the world. It’s like the rules of the world get suspended during the hours of darkness, it is the time for reading and drifting and loving and partying, those tiny micro-inventions, networks of relation and moments of autonomy that Michel de Certeau calls the ‘night-side of societies’.


Dérivelab is a collective of artists and other practitioners formed around a core group of
Goldsmiths graduates that works with other numerous invited collaborators: both established artists working internationally as well as recent graduates. We work with installation, sound, language and film, intervention and interactivity, cartography and charts.

DériveLab is a fluid conceptual framework that operates as a site for experimentation and exploration. It takes the idea of the dérive – drift – and applies it to spaces, to contexts, to disciplines and career hierarchies. Both the academic and practice backgrounds of the members in the collective offer a wide spectrum of approaches to the events and work that we are involved with. Our personal backgrounds are multicultural and cross-disciplinary, encompassing artists from the UK, Italy, Romania and Japan.

Therefore DériveLab forms a collaborative arena in which various creative or inquisitive practitioners, from artists, designers and performers to researchers, educators and musicians; from established professionals to students, come together to investigatively dismantle and creatively reconstruct the unconscious of place.

Launch/Membership Prices/Programme/Opening Times/Studio and Meeting Space



Tonight will see the launch of the Burlington Fine Arts Club at Piccadilly Place, Manchester.

Bring your ID, your mates, some booze (a speciality drink for new members will be provided) and your chat.

Tonight will also see the launch of our suite spaces featuring works by TROVE, Furlough, Sparrow and Castice, Hall, Stairs and Landing, Supercollider and Noel Clueit.

If anyone would be interested in volunteering at Burlington, in particular walking round with jugs of punch or clocking in new members tonight please reply before noon.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight, and remember its not always about what your club can do for you, its about what you can do for your club.

Membership Prices

As with all good clubs The Burlington is open to everyone though you do have to be a member to enter. The policy is simple, as the club is here to support and provide a platform for independents in the local area – they get the cheapest entry.

When joining you will have to prove your status both as an artist and as a local resident. This can be done in a variety of ways and will be left open to your interpretation

Manchester based artists £1

Non Manchester based artists £1.50

Manchetser residents £2.00

Residents from outside Manchester £2.50


The Full Burlington Programme will be announced on Monday 4th July. However our next event will be an open members meeting on Sunday 3rd of July (3pm) where we will finalise programme activity with out members.

Opening Times
This week Burlington will open :
Friday     1st July       3pm to 8pm
Saturday 2nd July     Noon to 8pm
Sunday   3rd July      Noon to 8pm
Monday  4th July      Closed
Tuesday 5th July      3pm to 8pm
Wends    6th July      3pm to 8pm
Thurs     7th July      3pm to 8pm

The separate areas of Burlington can be booked out as both meeting and temporary studio spaces during opening times. Please mail to make a book. Please note however you must be a member to book.

Burlington Fine Arts Club – Launch Thursday 30th June
5pm – 11pm

3 Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BN

Its here, this Thursday sees the launch of the Burlington Fine Arts Club, featuring preveiws of our 6 artists suites featuring work from,

Noel Clueit, Furlough (Michael Day, George Eksts, Lesley Guy and Dale Holmes), Hall, Stairs and Landing (Andrew Lim, Bryony Moore and Susanne Smith), Supercollider, Sparrow + Castice and Trove.

For more information please see

Join us from 5pm-11pm for drinks and celebrations. Some refreshments will be provided but as with the nature of the club you are also encourage to bring your favourite tipple along which can be sipped from our extensive range of glasswear.

This Thursday is also the first chance you get to become a memeber, don’t for get your ID and your subs.

The programme will be annouced through a series of weekly Newsletters, expect the first to land in your inbox this Thursday featuring information on the programme for week 1 including…
Artists residencies
and most importantly the launch of our after hours club house space.

Finally please remember that Burlington is about supporting artists and celebrating independent networks…

when you are ready you will join.

We have updated our calls for submissions page with a call out for a podcast and a screening programme. Please see for more details.